How do I get started with my project?

Once you’ve submitted an inquiry form, you will receive a follow up email within 48 hours regarding next steps. By submitting an inquiry form, you’re confirming you have reviewed the terms of service and all price points detailed on the Services page. Should you choose to proceed with service, please schedule your free 1:1 initial consultation via the “Book Now” link on the Services page. Following our call, you will receive an invoice for which you are required to pay in full if service total is $300 or less. Services and Bundles that exceed $300 require a 50% deposit due within 48 hours of invoice receipt.

How do we stay in communication through the duration of our project?

Any questions while work is in progress should be emailed to info@ayishanicole.com. Strategy planning sessions and other ‘one-off’ services will be conducted via Zoom technology or by phone.

What all is included as a full-service client?

As a full-service client, you are entitled to all services Ayisha Nicole currently offers, with the exception of business plan audits and written communications audit/revisions. So, this includes but isn’t limited to, strategy planning sessions, coaching calls, pre/post-launch project planners and brand/marketing strategy plan. If you are interested in becoming a full-service client, a customized pricing package is available upon request.

What is the standard turnaround time for brand/marketing strategy plans?

Please allow up to 5 weeks for successful completion and delivery of a full brand/marketing strategy plan.

How will I receive my files (if applicable)?

You will receive your files as a PDF document that will be sent to your registered email on file. Should another method be desired, please consult with a representative prior to your scheduled completion date to discuss possible alternatives. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do you provide advice and audits of legal contracts?

No. Ayisha Nicole does not provide legal advice or audits of legal contracts. We recommend consulting a lawyer or legal professional for any needs of this sort.

As a client, am I required to pay a monthly retainer?

No. Most services are completed within a one-month timeframe, so the invoice billing process will remain consistent, no matter what service you choose. Monthly retainers will only be offered as an option to clients interested in on-going business and projects with Ayisha Nicole. Please note that this is not automatic and a contract will be put in place to protect both parties in the establishing of a mutual agreement.

Are returns/exchanges permitted on apparel?

No. Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.