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The Boss

Ayisha Nicole is a full-time business professional, small business strategy consultant, content creator and Owner of Ayisha Nicole, LLC. Growing into the woman she currently is today, Ayisha has challenged herself to greater heights by stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. After years of schooling, earning a BS in Business Administration and an MBA in Strategic Management, success to her once meant climbing the corporate ladder. Learning rather quickly that she had so much more inside of her, Ayisha decided to fully walk in her purpose by merging her love for business and helping people maximize their potential in the entrepreneurship space. 

Accumulating years of expertise from the workforce, education and certifications, Ayisha has created a unique approach to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners not only run their businesses to gain profit and attract customers, but to actually educate them on the behind the scenes tactics that typically aren't in the limelight. Positioning herself as a go-to resource for strategy implementation, personalized business advice, and an overall faith-driven individual, establishing what is now, Ayisha Nicole, LLC was inevitable. 

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The Brand

Diverse in nature, the brand of Ayisha Nicole houses small business consulting services, business, faith and lifestyle-based content on the YouTube Channel, Ayisha Nicole, a selection of women’s apparel as well as valuable digital products for aspiring and new entrepreneurs. Most recently, the brand has now expanded to also offer styling and image consulting services through its counterpart, Ayisha Nicole Official.

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The Business

We take pride in formulating brand and marketing strategies, that when combined with your vision, leave you with the confidence to carry out business operations, crush your goals and objectives, and try new things to maximize your profits while growing your consumer base. Having worked one-on-one with rising and current small business owners to help them build their own brands, we've found that the secret is simple. Asking the right questions allows us to provide the best solutions. So, whether a business is in the works or is maintaining an active status, utilizing proper strategies will always allow for a never-ending cycle of building a successful entrepreneurial empire.

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