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Ayisha’s passion for and comprehensive understanding of, every single aspect of my business was remarkable and quite contagious. Her suggestions and contributions were extremely helpful; but, most significantly, she has instilled all of us here at Kiya’s Cuisine with an understanding of the real value of quality, marketing strategies, and a strong commitment to becoming the best business we can. We are grateful for all of her tremendous efforts and contributions and look forward to her further input as our business continues to flourish.

Tim Fullwood 

Owner/Chef, Kiya's Cuisine


When I first knew I wanted to take my business seriously and to the next level, I only trusted one person to guide me in the right direction — Ayisha Nicole. My vision along with her expertise allowed my brand to transform into something completely professional and amazing beyond my expectations. Ayisha was able to provide insight, fresh ideas, as well as an entire playbook for me to follow once our work was complete. Her consultations helped me understand what it takes to run, maintain, and start a successful business. I learned so much from our time working together & I’m so happy I took the opportunity to not only to invest in my business, but in a friend.

Janay Sierra

CEO, Miniml.Co

Real people. Real businesses. Real results.

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